We all know we rely on our partners when we hit up the backcountry. But are you doing everything you can to be that partner that everyone wants to go out with?

Join CAPOW for an afternoon of pre-season prep, so you can get after it once the snow starts flying.

  • Event date: October 19, 2023
  • Event time: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $50/person 
  • Location: Whyte Museum Grounds, Banff

It’s time to brush off the summer dust and get hands on ready for the winter – review technical systems, discover new ones, get educated on the latest techniques in the mountain world and do it in an atmosphere that’s a really good time.

Brought to you by the team at CAPOW this is where shredders (that’s you) get together with professionals (the Caposse) for the pre-season prep. We all want to be dialled once the snow season starts. This is the get together, to get it, before we all get after it. Got it?

But let’s not waste anyone’s time. This will be lead by top professionals in the big mountain and avalanche world, teaching the techniques for you to get after it smartly and safely. Top professionals in the big mountain and avalanche world will lead the course and teach you the techniques to get after it smartly and safely. It’s all going down in an environment that will be catered to your level, so that however you want to progress your skills, you can. The Caposse! will be there to answer your questions and demonstrate the way to do it right.


Avalanche Ranch
Transceiver and avalanche rescue systems. Brought to you by BCA

How to Hook Up with Your Friends
Glacier roping up and Crevasse rescue. Brought to you by Petzl

Worst Case Ontario
First aid and extraction techniques.

All proceeds go to the CAPOW Fund

Come party with us after at Shred Fest!

3 Abilities

We’re trying to play matchmaker here, help us out…No one wants to be paired with someone they’re not compatible with. Every once in awhile you have a tiny bit of an ego, but you know how to manage it, because you’ve had enough experience in the mountains to know that ego won’t get you very far. Be the partner we all know you should be.

Peace Sign

  • Generally new to the backcountry world.
  • Maybe you’ve never used an avalanche transceiver or you have but no one has ever really made it make that much sense
  • You’ve never roped on on a glacier before, and may be even intimidated by that whole process.
  • You have a desire to do more in the backcountry but want to be sure you’ve got a general idea of what’s happening out there before you go.

Shaka Bra

  • Few years experience in the backcountry
  • Quite familiar with your transceiver
  • You’ve roped on a glacier before, but honestly not that sure if you could perform a rescue on your own

Devil Horns

  • Boys to Men- Be realistic with your ability. No cool guy attitudes
  • Girls to Women – You’re not holding anyone up. Stop apologizing. Chances are you’re more accomplished then the overcompensating bad hombres.
  • Very familiar with your transceiver
    A leader with rope work but keen to review and learn some new tips and tricks


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